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Shelby Mathieu
Shelby Mathieu

Investigating the link between stress, temperature, and metabolic inertia in largemouth bass

Goal.—To relate temperature change and handling stress to metabolic inertia in largemouth bass.

Objectives.— To measure standard metabolic rate in largemouth bass acclimated to two temperatures, to measure metabolic rate and time required to return metabolic rate following an abrupt decrease of 4°C, and to measure metabolic rate and time required to stabilize metabolic rate after initiating standard handling stress to induce a stress response.

Current Progress.— In order to meet these objectives, a literature review has been done to determine what information is currently known linking stress, temperature, and metabolic rate in largemouth bass, the centrarchid family of fishes, and teleost fishes in general.

Expected Outcomes.— As seen in previous studies, metabolic rate will stabilize at the four hour mark after a stress response when fishes are acclimatized to 25?C. Metabolic rate is expected to stabilize faster after the temperature drop as largemouth bass and teleost fishes in general recover best at lower temperatures.

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Undergraduate Research Symposium

Katherine Abell, a wildlife, fisheries, and aquaculture major, and Zachary Senneff, a forestry major, were among the winners of the 2014 MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Abell placed first in the community engagement and social sciences categories and Senneff placed second in the biological sciences and engineering category.

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