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Undergraduate Research

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Bryant Haley
Bryant Haley

Spatio-temporal distributions of the zooplankton community in a Puerto Rico reservoir

Bryant Haley, as a senior in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture, studied the spatio-temporal distributions of the zooplankton community in a Puerto Rico reservoir. Since zooplankton provide an essential forage base for the development and maintenance of a balanced recreational fishery, Haley sought to learn more about the zooplankton community in the Carite reservoir in Puerto Rico. He assessed the movement of the zooplankton community over the course of a year. He observed little difference between density of zooplankton collected at inshore sites compared to limnetic sites. Dawn and dusk comparison found lower population density at dawn. Seasonally, the greatest population abundances were observed in the autumn and the lowest were observed in the spring. The research was part of a project between Mississippi State University and the Puerto Rican Department of Environment and Natural Resources in hopes of improving sport fisheries in reservoirs by understanding the underlying water quality potential of each reservoir. Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture graduate student, Clint Lloyd, contributed to the research. Dr. Wes Neal, associate extension professor in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture and researcher in the Forest and Wildlife Research Center was the project advisor. Haley has since graduated and is currently pursuing a graduate degree within the department.
Bryant Haley Bryant Haley

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Undergraduate Research Symposium

Katherine Abell, a wildlife, fisheries, and aquaculture major, and Zachary Senneff, a forestry major, were among the winners of the 2014 MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Abell placed first in the community engagement and social sciences categories and Senneff placed second in the biological sciences and engineering category.

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