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Related Objectives:

Objective 3.
Achieve undergraduate and graduate student enrollments consistent with college and MSU goals, fiscal resources, and societal needs for professionals in forestry; forest products; and wildlife, fisheries, and aquaculture.

Action: Seek funding to establish >3 endowed undergraduate scholarships (>$100K each) to recruit and retain scholars.

  1. Each department should identify important undergraduate scholarships (i.e., discipline specific [e.g., waterfowl/wetlands, forest management], leadership, academic and experiential excellences, named scholarship after faculty, alumnus, sponsor) by 2012.
  2. Departments should communicate needed scholarships by priority to the CFR Development Officer annually to stimulate fund raising.
  3. Departments and faculty should identify potential funding sources for all scholarships.
  4. Identify and pursue funding to enhance cultural diversity of student body.

Action: Increase student participation in academic, scientific, and relevant professional organizations.

  1. Establish a fund for undergraduate students to attend professional meetings that may be matched by student organizations by 2012.
  2. At the college-level, establish a competitive grants program for graduate students to attend key professional meetings and give poster and/or paper presentations by 2012.
  3. Promote oral and poster presentations by graduate students at professional meetings and encourage faculty to facilitate the process. Data will be reported by Department Heads to Metrics Manager.

Action: Recognize undergraduate and graduate student excellence at the CFR awards banquet each year.

  1. Provide a plaque and a tangible award for recipients (e.g., check, gift certificate at MSU bookstore, computer store, etc.).
  2. Identify by department appropriate University and extramural awards.

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Related Objectives:

Objective 6.
Increase the visibility of the research, teaching, and extension programs.

Action: Publicize student and faculty activities and accomplishments. Encourage high-visibility activities. Publicize technology transfer, technical assistance, and continuing education activities and accomplishments. Awareness should be addressed on campus, within the state and region, and nationally and internationally where appropriate. Use electronic media as well as other media effectively in this process.

  1. Publish a college-level annual report and periodic newsletters comparable to the FWRC annual report.
  2. Publicize faculty and staff receiving awards through brochures, the CFR web site, and other appropriate media.
  3. Continue the Dean’s Notes for internal use.