Percent of Graduating Seniors with Professional Experience

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Spring Graduating Class

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Related Objectives:

Objective 4.
Maintain appropriate accreditation of undergraduate academic programs and continuously improve programmatic effectiveness, relevance, and quality.

Action: Match opportunities to demand for students to participate in cooperative education, internships, and other professional experience programs.

  1. Faculty and CFR Academic Affairs staff will inform students of available internships, cooperative education, and other professional experience opportunities.
  2. CFR Academic Affairs and departmental offices will maintain a comprehensive list of internships/cooperatives/ jobs available to CFR students.
  3. Advertise internships to the CFR student body.

Action: Sustain an active CFR Alumni Society.

  1. Strengthen ties between alumni and student organizations. Provide student organizations with potential list of guest lecturers on current topics.
  2. Elect faculty chair of CFR Alumni Society and acquire departmental committee members.
  3. Establish a college-wide alumni survey and administer every five years to determine activities that would attract alumni to campus.
  4. Plan and execute annual alumni activities (e.g., homecoming).

Action: Invoke and maintain strategies for retention of undergraduates in CFR majors.

  1. Maintain student ‘cluster’ groups.
  2. Maintain one-on-one meetings between Academic Affairs Coordinator and academically challenged students each semester.
  3. Maintain student tutor program.
  4. Establish a peer leadership program whereby leaders assist student body in various needs.
  5. Maintain semester introductory and mid-semester meetings.
  6. Have yearly advising workshops for new and all faculty members
  7. Have an annual session for CFR Recruiting Committee and all faculty, summarizing current recruitment and retention results and strategies.
  8. Ensure 100% of CFR graduates have bona fide professional experience by graduation.