Capital Expenditure and Planned Maintenance

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Fiscal year

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A capital expenditure is incurred when money is spent either to buy fixed assets or to add to the value of an existing fixed asset with a useful life that extends beyond the taxable year. Capital expenditures include but are not limited to computer equipment, research equipment, and building repair and maintenance.

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Related Objectives:

Objective 2.
Obtain additional support, dedicate additional funds to important specific needs.

Action: Communicate funding needs within MSU, to legislature and constituent groups.

  1. Continue to work toward funding stability and growth.
  2. List activities in pursuit of research and service funding and report to faculty and staff annually.

Action: Maintain excellent facilities including information transfer and technology. Increase classroom space for CFR courses. Ensure excellence in computer and other technological teaching laboratories.

  1. Acquire funds from non-traditional sources such as endowments, gifts, and revenue from the J.W. Starr Memorial Forest for maintenance of buildings, grounds, and equipment.
  2. Seek adequate built-ins.
  3. Identify and coordinate priorities with Buildings and Grounds Committee.
  4. Assemble information from departments to maintain a rolling five-year facilities and equipment plan.
  5. Report annually the investments made toward upgrading and maintaining laboratories and other related college facilities.
  6. Identify and explore funding sources.
  7. Maintain a list of maintenance needs, priorities, and schedules on the intranet.
  8. Install multi-media podia and other computer-based technology to facilitate lectures and labs in CFR class- and seminar rooms.
  9. Establish a CFR Task Force to prioritize classrooms for receipt of technology and determine reasonable technology for each candidate classroom by 2010.

Action: Maintain appropriate flexible funding for support services pertinent to college operations.

  1. Provide electronic media access support.
  2. Provide support for equipment and facilities.
  3. Acquire support for research associates, graduate research assistantships, and secretarial and technician support.
  4. Provide support for equipment, facilities, laboratory maintenance and animal use and care.
  5. Seek to provide travel support for faculty and staff for gratis service to constituents.

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Related Objectives:

Objective 4.
Maintain appropriate accreditation of undergraduate academic programs and continuously improve programmatic effectiveness, relevance, and quality.

Action: Use J.W. Starr Memorial Forest and other college properties appropriately for teaching and demonstration.

  1. Encourage CFR faculty and the Forest Manager to establish new research, management, and demonstration sites on the forest.
  2. Coordinate course field laboratories with forest operations personnel.
  3. Identify potential areas on the forest for establishment of upland and wetland management sites.
  4. Integrate use of the forest for teaching, research, and service activities with the forest management plan.
  5. Develop mechanism for selecting research and demonstration areas and protecting on-going areas.

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Related Objectives:

Objective 7.
Develop and maintain operating procedures, administrative structure and processes that promote excellence.

Action: Appropriate transportation should be maintained for teaching activities.

  1. Sustain fleet of vans and buses or bus services.
  2. Establish a college-wide committee to assess vehicle needs for teaching and to assess funding issues.