Number of Endowed Chairs/Professorships

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Related Objectives:

Objective 1.
Maintain a highly competent faculty.

Action: Seek to enhance the faculty chairs and professorships in the departments. Increase extramural funding to enhance these positions and to support them indefinitely. Seek to establish additional faculty professorships and chairs.

Action: Encourage consulting activities, adhering to DAFVM guidelines, that result in professional development for scientists.

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Related Objectives:

Objective 2.
Obtain additional support, dedicate additional funds to important specific needs.

Action: Communicate funding needs within MSU, to legislature and constituent groups.

  1. Continue to work toward funding stability and growth.
  2. List activities in pursuit of research and service funding and report to faculty and staff annually.

Action: Employ and house a full-time Development Officer that seeks to increase assets.

Action: Promote, fund, and report the development of patents, copyrights, licensing agreements, fees, endowments, cooperative agreements, memoranda of understandings/agreements, and other means to generate revenues and other support for research.

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Related Objectives:

Objective 6.
Increase the visibility of the research, teaching, and extension programs.

Action: Develop and implement a publicity action plan.

  1. Recognize scientists receiving research awards, patents, copyrights, and other major accomplishments through brochures, the CFR web site, and other appropriate media.

Action: Annually assess and communicate to faculty and staff the productivity and benefits of CFR and FWRC investments.

  1. Develop an economic impact assessment of CFR/FWRC investments.