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MSU alums featured on cover of The Wildlife Professional

Posted on 7/1/2014 by Brian Davis

MSU Alums

In this picture, Mississippi State University researchers and Ducks Unlimited biologists are testing a core sampling device to estimate waterfowl food abundance in Gulf Coast ricelands. We were standing in an idle rice field. On the Gulf Coast, rice usually isn't grown in the same field year after year. It is often just left idle for 1-2 years, and during this time the "grassy" fields that result provide good habitat for grassland birds, waterfowl (if flooded), and other wildlife. Left to right: Matt Kaminski (DU Biologist/MSU alumnus), Joe Marty (MSU graduate student), James Callicutt (MDWFP/MSU alumnus), and Dr. Brian Davis (Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management, MSU).